Rod Lucas

Web, Mobile & Desktop Developer

About Me

Hi!, I'm Rod (But you probably already know that) I've been working on projects since around early 2014 when I discovered that "hey, computers are fun" since that point I have created things I never thought possible and done things I never thought I would do.

Some of the things I've done/do are running BestSmoothJazz which is my internet radio station, I can also be found streaming whichever game I am currently enjoying over on Twitch I also make little projects in my spear time but they aren't worth mentioning.

Some of the skills that I've managed to self-learn over the past few years are some of the most popular programming languages including PHP, JS, CSS, HTML, JAVA, and ANGULAR. I also enjoy making not only native apps for IOS and Android but also building using frameworks for mobile such as Ionic and for Desktop websites such as Laravel.

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