About Me

I'm Rod (occasionally known as Rod Lucas JNR), I've been developing since early 2012, since that point I've mainly specialised in producing web applications, but in my spare time I also like to work on desktop & mobile apps.

Other than developing I also run my own Smooth Jazz radio station, since its inception Oct 2010 its become the second most popular Smooth Jazz station worldwide, each show is streamed 'live' on Youtube, however, in Jan 2019 Twitch offered a place for BestSmoothJazz on their partner program, so some shows may be streamed over on Twitch.

Over the years of running my own internet radio station I have become very experienced with the Centova Cast software, I can no offer support for this, if you need help with Centova Cast, Contact me using the form below

If you are fast enough to catch me while I'm streaming games or programming on Twitch then I must congratulate you, it is rare I get time to dedicate to streaming, but following me on Twitter & Twitch means you'll be notified when I do go live.


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